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Title: 2021/6/18 10:09:24
Order from here if you like bugs in your food 🤮🤮🤮 don’t do it!!! Do support people that don’t care about the food they serve, never again 🤢
Title: 2021/4/4 13:28:53
Food was terrible and i know something about bad food because ive eaten road kill. But when I take only a few bites and have to throw it away because its slimy, too salty, and greasy? Thats serious. The delivery boy was also less than animated about his job and didnt deserve the tip he got. Over all 2.5 out of 10
Title: 2021/12/19 13:49:15
I have not received an email confirmation of my order.
Title: 2020/4/1 11:30:29
Can yall cancel my order
Title: 2019/4/24 10:28:44
Hey guys. You have really stepped up the game in the last few weeks. All of the guys at the arcade have been loving what you've been serving us over the last few weeks so we made an attempt to post a few more local reviews for you. Keep up the good work, and we will make sure we keep ordering! Thanks again for an excellent meal <3
Title: 2018/9/27 19:30:23
Do you deliver?
Title: 2018/8/3 16:24:12
Did you guys stop doing the coupons for free sesame chicken or crab rangoon wheb you order over a certain dollar amount?? I loved those coupons... Sincerely, Dalysa
Title: 2018/3/19 10:32:05
Ordered my meal almost an hour ago and wondering when it will arrive?
Title: 2018/12/27 6:53:29
Are your delivery driver cars insured while delivering food to my house,
Title: 2018/1/12 10:18:43
Hello, my name is Cadet Platenkamp and I would like to talk to you about a fundraising opportunity. I am a part of the Army ROTC Battalion located at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina. We coordinate an annual patriot run to raise money for a non-profit organization based out of Fort Bragg, Barren to Beauty. This organization helps service men and women reenter civilian life when they come home. The Patriot Run is a 5k mud run with 16 obstacles, hosted on April 07, 2018. We are seeking to raise money through sponsorships; we offer many sponsorship opportunities to promote your business. Additional information can be sent to you if you are interested. Would you like to support this event? Get your name out to the community? And help a great cause? Please email us back with any question or concerns and we will gladly answer them. Thank you, Cadet Platenkamp
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